This is a project which was developed for a local Vehicle Agent. It is useful to the Agent to maintain the Customers details, Sales Details, Company items and services and also Vehicle Details. If any customer buy a vehicle on loan that persons vehicle will recognizes with the help of vehicle no.The agent will enter the Vehicle No It will help the user to search the vehicle details and the required details of the customer .The agent enters the customer details and maintain company details.
This “Vehicle Showroom Management System” project mainly contains the vehicle information and loan recovering details. If the vehicle sold on installment basis, the amount is cleared or not if it is not clear the agent can search the detail easily it shows the balance of customer.

Special Features:

  • Customer record management
  • Station wise goods record
  • Bilty ToPay/Paid
  • Invoice for Paid bilty
  • Delivery Challan with Profit/ Loss
  • New customer may directly be added from bilty
  • New transporter may directly be added from delivery challan

Product’s Features

Finance Section


  • Multi Level Chart of Accounts
  • Cash Debit Voucher
  • Cash Credit Voucher
  • Bank Debit Voucher
  • Bank Credit Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Single Entry in Debit & Credit Vouchers


  • Vouchers
    • Cash Debit
    • Cash Credit
    • Bank Debit
    • Bank Credit
    • Journal Voucher
  • General Journal (All & Voucher Type wise with check-list and posted option)
  • General ledger
  • Trial Balance (Multilevel)
  • Trial Balance (Last level)
  • All Accounts View (Tree View)
  • All Accounts View (Last Level)
  • Income Statement
  • Periodical Income Statement
  • Trading Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet

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