Itapx has built itself as a Trading Softwere  has a very powerful feature that allows you to bundle multiple operations into a single entity. These bundled operations are called “trading solutions”. They can easily be applied to other data series or exported to files, allowing results to be replicated by other TradingSolutions users..

Special Features:

  • dashboard.
  • Trading directly from charts (single click).
  • Trade on different DOM (Depth of Market) screens.
    Simple DOM, Scalping DOM, Multi DOM / Quote.
  • Real time tick-by-tick Charting for both live trading, simulation and replay.
  • Programmable Chart Alerts.
  • Extensive library of built in technical analysis indicators.
  • Fibonacci Extension and Projections tools.
  • Up to 6 years of tick-by-tick history for most major markets.
  • Account Manager for managing multiple accounts with performance statics metrics.
  • Order Manager to view and manage open orders.
  • Time, Tick, Volume, Range, Reversal and Price Change bars.
  • Simple order bracketing for the trader who just want to automatically protect the open position.
  • Multiple Order Target order management for the intermediate trader that requires more flexibility.
  • Advanced Order Strategies that provides an easy interface to build advanced combinations of intelligent orders such as bracket orders, trailing stops, indicator trailing stops, average price and net position tracking.
  • Historical tick-by-tick replay for practicing and evaluating trade setups, order strategies and trade strategies.
  • Advanced lot size management to get most favorable order positioning in the Exchange order matching queue.
  • Automatic Email or SMS notifications of order fill events.