The retail is demanding today! To help you grow your business in today`s market, Itapx provides you affordable Point of Sale system to help you make smart decision. Get our system to indulge with complete POS info and save your time. We work with you to reduce your load and providing you more time to focus on expanding your business roots.

Inventory Features

  • Barcode-based Pricing Labels
  • Receiving Histories
  • Purchase Orders auto-generated by Minimums and Maximums or Sales
  • Department Stock Number to allow you to setup and sell faster
  • Matrix-based Sizing
  • Scales and Variable Weight Barcodes (Deli Scale Barcodes)
  • Age Verification
  • Transfers and Transfer Order Creation for Multi-location environments

Customer Features

  • Customer Cards
  • Store Credit
  • House Accounts and Invoicing
  • Birthday and Interest Tracking
  • Activity Manager to track customer contact histories and ToDos
  • Customer E-Mailing
  • Price Level Discounting Rules
  • Customer Images

We diligently study each client case to understand the client’s requirements and objectives and deliver a dependable and effective solution. We offer all available options and provide a competent guidance to clients to informed business decisions.


Earn Clients’ Trust and Confidence

Our aim is to earn clients’ trust and confidence as a result of professional attitude, determination for what we do and dedication to a long-term relationship. We will move on to additional mile to deliver ample business value and support clients.