Payroll  are essential to your business, because it enable you to compensate your employees for time worked. Each system has its own dedicated purposes, but its also go hand-in-hand.
A payroll system is the medium that allows you actually pay your employees. During this process, you calculate wages and deductions based on the employee’s pay scale. You also generate paychecks and pay stubs, and perform direct deposit and payroll tax procedures. Before you get to those stages, you must figure the amount of hours to compensate your employees who are paid hourly. Your timekeeping system shows each employee’s daily time worked and the total hours to pay them for upcoming payroll..

  • Special Features:

    • Productivity Gains
    • Reduction of Errors
    • Improved Employee Morale
    • Greater Employee Empowerment
    • Easier Scheduling and Compliance
    • Better Work to Life Balance
    • Time management
    • In a short span
    • Quality of work
    • calculate peak hour off hour timing