Itapx inventory desktop is an inventory management software designed to allow SMEs to use, the company can manage to make from his purchase, storage, delivery to sales and other operations, and involves the customer orders, customer data, print invoices and other production features are included, it is equal to a short trade or retail dedicated Invoicing software.
The main purpose of this type of software is to make complicated and out of inventory and sales management can access clear, Itapx inventory can make the cost of inventories by businesses designed processes greatly reduced, its advantages include the ability to quickly find any sum of inventory, setting purchase rules to avoid too much and too little stock, built-in workflow automatically alert the user when the timing needs to pick up points / delivery / packaged goods.

Special Features:

  • Add Company
  • Add Product
  • Invoice
  • Return Invoice
  • Cash Books Report
  • Payments Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Stock Report
  • Stock Out Report
  • Sale ledger Report
  • Purchase Ledger Report
  • Account Ledger Report
  • Trial Balance report
  • Trade Profit Loss
  • Outstanding Reports
  • User Rights
  • Database Backup
  • Main Account
  • Nature Account
  • Category