Itapx confectionary software is a full featured and easy to use like wise things on their fingers tips. This software solution ideal usefull for all kind of bakery industries, confectionary distribution and shops. Software is available in several functions to fit your management needs. It has the facility to take care of requirements of both user and management moreover their is a conmmon issue of the low Computer knowledge and how to takel burden of work. The said issue make it essential P.O.S system installed in such outlets should be easy to operate as well as it should be easier to give training to operate the P.O.S system in a very short period. Itapx Confectionary software take care of the said issue effectively. It has Cashier and vendor friendly interface that record accurate and proper information it helps back office to control menu, legal reporting,cash control etc in such a format that enable management to take efficient and timely decision.

Special Features:

  • Inter-store Order Management
  • Customer order and back order processing
  • Supports multiple units of measurement
  • Auto production and stock journal
  • Easy capture of excess, shortage and wastage
  • SMS and Email alerts
  • Strict control on raw material purchase
  • Customer loyalty program and point generation
  • Graphs and Chart for better analysis
  • Faster than Cash Register and any other solution
  • Mobile and Web-based reporting
  • Separate cash, bill and delivery counters
  • Integration of prepaid cards
  • Recipt management with Production
  • Physical Stock taking and Variance reporting
  • Rate Contract / Price List for monthly supplies
  • Integrated payroll and financial account
  • Synchronize and analyse data across chain