The most widely used Itapx Bank Recovery software for collections and collection management; It makes it easier to achieve substantial operational, regulatory and financial gains by automating debt collection and special asset recovery activities.
Itapx bank collection software enables financial structure to meet effective challenges including charge offs, delinquencies and complex state and federal collection regulations. It makes easier to achieve objectives that have the biggest impact on profitability and productivity —such as maximizing non-interest income growth, improving compliance, lowering risk, and simplifying access to business-critical information.

Special Features:

  • Optimize recovery income
  • Improve collection compliance
  • Streamline charged-off/special asset account-level income and expense tracking
  • Track all stages and debt issues
  • Simplify vendor management
  • Automate workflow and communications Simplify reporting Scale with growth
  • Simplify reporting
  • Scale with growth
  • special asset recovery activities