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November 2016

Supply Chain Software – Program Processes To Perfection And Profit!

It is no walk in the park managing vendors, suppliers, and customers and handling their interactions successfully. The supply chain software has been developed to guide you [...]

Common Construction Management Software Integration Issues and How to Avoid Them?

As is true with any business, people in a construction company are normally so busy with so much to do, that they don't always get the opportunity [...]

How Vehicle Software Updates Can Improve Performance & Safety

There are many parts of the car which can be replaced to make your car run stronger and faster. This is true no matter what the manufacturer. [...]

Immigration Software – What is it and How Does it Help

mmigration software is the tool a lot of potential migrants and attorneys have been waiting for, and now it is finally here. It is a management system [...]

Financial Software in the Cloud

A pair of software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers is riding the growing movement of financial management software to the cloud as quickly as they can. Intacct announced strong growth [...]

Make or Buy? Building Your Own Custom Cloud-Based Software

The great thing about cloud-based software as service is that it’s easy to try out, evaluate and start using when it meets your needs. No investments in [...]

A Brief History of Search & SEO

Tracing the history of SEO is kind of like trying to trace the history of the handshake. We all know it exists, and we know it’s an [...]

Code Simplicity

There is a key rule that I personally operate by when I’m doing incremental development and design, which I call “two is too many.” It’s how I [...]

Test-Driven Development and the Cycle of Observation

Each participant in the conversation had different personal preferences for how they write code, which makes sense. However, from each participant’s personal preference you could extract an [...]

October 2016

Inventory Web Application

Inventory System is web-based solution designed for small to midsize companies looking for a complete inventory management system [...]

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