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admin, Author at Financial accounting software in affordable price.
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April 2017

HR management

Itapx Solutions HR software for organizations with 50 to 5,000 employees in a variety of different industries. [...]

February 2017


Payroll  are essential to your business, because it enable you to compensate your employees for time worked. Each system has its [...]

Trading Software

Itapx has built itself as a Trading Softwere  has a very powerful feature that allows you to bundle multiple [...]

November 2016

Basic E-Commerce Website Development Service

E-commerce also known as electronic commerce, refers to online business ventures that cater to the targeted audience globally. And for the success of the e-commerce business, highly [...]

The Top 5 Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobile App Developers

As has been the case with the broader transformation in software development, so too has come a revolution in enterprise needs and challenges. Client-enterprise interactions have been [...]

School Management Software Is an Online School Partner

Schools have become more than a place of study nowadays. It has always been the place for complete grooming of a child. Modern technologies have improved the [...]

Why should a company use Payroll Software?

Payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, which includes wages, bonuses and deductions. To ensure that all employees receive their wages [...]

Clinic Management Software System

Nowadays, in this most competitive world, it has become essential to make fundamental changes on how you manage your business. Especially, doctors at the clinics are in [...]

Point Of Sales Software – It Can Make Or Break Your Business

As we move from the traditional tills to devices more reminiscent of a desktop computer, the industry has created a demand for Point of Sales (POS) software. [...]

Apparel Software – Garment Inventory Control System

A lot of companies are going online to extend their business domain these days. Online business is easy to run - no overheads, 24x7 business and faster [...]

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